Dear Parents,


This is a more serious message.

This week, I found out one of my first coaching clients passed away.

Sometimes, it directly hits my heart and soul the gravity of the work we do together.

That it’s not “just” about parenting.


It’s about lives.


Staying alive.


Choosing life, hope, faith, grace and community over pain in little everyday moments.

Because the pain is real too.


This person was a magical soul.

We shared the same vision for children.

We often did her sessions outside, on a blanket, and with the trees.

There are certain woman I’ve worked with over the years.


We are each other’s people.


We are the…







We are the people with troubled upbringings working to make sure no child has to experience what we did.


And to heal the child within us.



In the sunshine with the trees, she was one of the first people I sat with to do the healing work that I don’t really advertise.

The work of the soul that isn’t about me or “coaching.”

But, rather about being a vessel for “life’s sweet longing for itself.”

When I sit with my people as a humble servant to Life itself.

And sometimes that work is at the intersection of childhood trauma, abuse, addiction, mental illness, and mental health struggles.

We hold the life they’ve lived with compassion and grace.

With Grace, we lay out the pathway for healing for themselves and their families.

Listening to the way to heal through the pain.



I went back through our messages.

Making sure I didn’t forget to reply.


But I didn’t forget.

I was there for her, as I could be.

Praying from afar.


I remember a long time ago, she told me that her husband said, “why don’t you go back and work with that lady. She really helped. ”

But, it didn’t happen.



And so today, I remind us all that life is hard.

Let’s create a world where we always look out for another.

We believe in healing.

We make second, third and fourth chances happen for ourselves.

We close doors to what no longer serves us.

We make it easier for one another to choose life, living and healing.

We make it easier to stay alive.

And we create that world for our children.