Dear Parents,
Are you dedicated to the emotional well-being of your children?
Do you already have a strong foundation in parenting and personal development?
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💫 Happy Home Coaching  Parent Testimony💫
✅ Becky Lord of is the embodiment of a Happy Home parent.
✅ She is highly skilled as a parent, has done a lot of previous inner growth and parenting work, and had a great foundation in her family.
💖Listen to Becky talk about her reasons for joining Happy Home Coaching (you know those moments of frustration we have as parents!), what she got out of the experience, and why she recommends Happy Home Coaching to other parents.💖
➡️ In Happy Home Coaching, Becky gained🎉
⚜️ “So much wisdom and insight into what was happening. I was able to meet and take care of my emotional needs, which allowed me to be more present for my son.”
➡️ To parents thinking about enrolling in Happy Home Coaching, Becky says…
⚜️ “I absolutely recommend it, and it’s been the best choice I’ve made. The emotional well-being of my child is the most important thing in the world, so he grows up with a strong foundation so that he becomes a responsible, happy, successful human being – just as he is. The investment for that has been so worth it to me.”
❤️ Thank you, Becky for being part of our Happy Home community and movement to create a foundation of healthy emotional development for our children – and ourselves as parents.
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