Let’s reframe the dialogue around “entitled” kids.

Recently, we’ve been having an amazing dialogue on Facebook around this question in parenting:

Do you feel like your children are “entitled? ie: Like with expecting life to be all fun or that you will do everything for them. Genuinely wondering about your thoughts and experiences. No right or wrong…But I do hear this a lot from parents.

What are your thoughts?

I’d love to hear!

Share your thoughts over here.

Within moments of posting this question, I had about 50 responses.

This is one of the most important conversations we can have as parents today.

It’s important to ask: what do we really mean when we wonder if our kids are entitled….?

Here’s what I see parents concerned about….

Are my children prepared with the life skills they need to be healthy, happy, and responsible in the adult world?

Do my children know how to care for themselves and their home? Are they contributing family members? Are they going to grow up to be (and expect) equal partners at home and in life?

Are my children empowered and empathetic?

Are my children gracious, respectful, helpful people who care about others?

That’s why this conversation around “are my children entitled?” is ssooo much greater than what it appears to be.

Watch the free video training on Reframing the Dialogue around “Entitled Children” here.

Reframe the Dialogue around

Entitled” Children

In this training, we talk about…

✨ How children today are born knowing they have human rights. Of course, that’s a good thing! But, it’s also why the parenting toolset most of us were raised with doesn’t work for most children today.

✨ We live in a “child-centered” society. But, the drawback is that our kids may become too individually-centered aka self-centered. We may lose the opportunity to raise children who are for the community and the collective.

✨ The reality of busy parents’ schedules and over-scheduled children can make it challenging to teach life skills and ensure our kids are contributing family members.

✨ How I support parents in Happy Home Coaching to stop enabling “entitled” behavior in your children and develop specific plans to teach life skills and develop core family values that are most important to your family.

This conversation around “entitled” kids is one of the most important things we can be talking about as parents today!

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May we all raise empowered, responsible, helpful, and empathic leaders who stand for human rights for all, while supporting the best interests of their collective communities.


P.S. Catch the free Reframing “Entitled” Kids replay here. Do you feel like your children are “entitled” and you’d like support on teaching life skills and developing your family values? Let’s talk!