In your Happy Home, language sits on the foundation of your positive relationship with yourself and your children. Enjoy these 7 Simple Phrases phrases to empower and connect with your children as we raise a generation of empathetic leaders who can problem solve.

1️⃣ “We got this.”

The best thing in the world is to know that “every little thing is going to be all right” And whatever it is you can trust yourself and your kids to figure it out.

2️⃣ “There you go.”

Before I became a mom, a dear family friend used to say this to his kids. It’s the growth mindset, encouraging alternative to “good job.”

3️⃣ “We’re on the same team.”

Consequences and rewards set up winners and losers within families. It’s not us against our kids. We’re on the same team in this journey of life.

4️⃣ “I believe in/trust you.”

Belief and trust in our kids is the greatest gift we can ever give them. Experiencing blocks to trusting and believing in your kids? Happy Home Coaching is here for you.

5️⃣ “What’s the plan?”

You don’t have to figure everything out for your kids. Give them a chance to share and practice how they’re going to do things.

6️⃣“How can we best support each other?”

Let your children share. Then you share. Human relationships are all about support. Let’s start now making this the focal point of our relationships.

7️⃣ “What could we do differently next time?”

I see lots of parents over-apologizing today when they mess up or they force apologies with their kids. Sorry is polite, but often it’s empty. What we want to focus on is what we learn from our experiences and what would we do differently next time.

Hope you enjoyed these 7 Simple Phrases to Empower and Connect with your Kids.

❤️ What numbers above are you already using at home?
❤️ And what ones do you want to try out?

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Language and words matter.
Hope you enjoyed these 7 Simple Phrases to Empower and Connect with your Kids.

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Sending all the best and lots of empathy and empowerment to you and your family!