Dear Parents,


Are your needs met in this moment in time?


Do you feel like your children’s needs are met?


💫 The foundation for positive parenting is you and your children’s needs being met. 💫


When we can hold and begin to conceptualize behavior in terms of needs, everything shifts. 


Can you guess the 1 thing my clients always say they hear my voice repeating in their head? 

“Lower expectations.”


When you can get in the habit if needs are met or unmet in your family, and then set realistic expectations from there.

When we try to “push through” as parents, we often end up with flipped lids, dysregulation, and ruptures in connection with ourselves and our children.


There are 2 ways to work with unmet basic needs:


1) Meet the need to transform the behavior challenge


2) Lower expectations.

The reality is that many of us have a belief that our needs won’t be met BECAUSE:


1) We experienced a very real pattern of not having our needs met in childhood


2) There’s been chronic high stress for most parents over the last 3 years.

Would you like to learn more?

Head over here to watch this video from last year and learn more – plus a very simple practice you can do to get in the habit of meeting your own needs.


Wishing you a start to the week full of basic needs met, and expectations lowered when needs are unmet.