Speaking and Facilitation for Employee Benefits, Conferences, and Summits

Over the last 12 years, Megan has empowered thousands of parents, caregivers,
and educators with her inspirational message, transformative approach, and practical tools.

As a seasoned motivational speaker, Megan Barella, MS brings her unique perspective as a mom, teacher, parent educator, collaborative divorce practitioner, and founder of Happy Home: A Wise Parenting Program.

Megan’s approach is results-driven, brain-based, solution-orientated, and formulated to support the national state of emergency in child and adolescent mental health declared in 2021.

Adept at individualizing speaking experiences for your audience and creating inclusive and supportive learning communities, Megan offers transformational talks, workshops, employee wellness trainings, and keynotes customized for your community.

Megan works collaboratively with her audience to:

  • Affirm participants’ lived experiences and expertise.
  • Develop solutions to behavior challenges in homes and schools.
  • Increase parent and caregiver confidence and peace of mind.
  • Share practical tools to raise a generation of secure and socially conscious young people.
  • Create a renewed hope for our children’s future.

With her unique experience as a child abuse survivor, Megan is a passionate, yet gentle advocate for the human rights of children and parents, and families.

For a complete list of Megan’s most popular topics or to customize a keynote or workshop that is specific to your organization’s needs and goals, contact Megan today for a personal consultation.

What people are saying about Megan’s speaking events:

“I love Megan as a speaker and her passion!”

“Great workshop! The instructor is full of energy – not just a boring class of someone just talking.”

“I LOVED IT ALL! The entire workshop was fabulous.”

“Inspirational and engaging!”

“Full of helpful tools!”

“Since 2019, we have hosted about 10 of Megan’s parenting workshops, including a yearlong program during the pandemic. We have continued to invite Megan back for yearly programming because she is so knowledgeable about each developmental stage and is able to give families practical tools they can use right away to improve communication and understanding with their kids.”

“Megan has been an absolute delight to work with! Her creativity, dedication, and passion were evident from our very first meeting. She took the time to learn about our organization and how she could best serve participants, then developed workshops that piqued participants’ interests. She was enthusiastic in all of her preparations, sharing new ideas with me to ensure she was continuing to meet participants’ needs. In her workshops, Megan instantly connected with attendees and provided a positive learning experience and environment. In the words of her participants:

“Very enthusiastic, fun to listen to, positive…great class!”

“One of the liveliest speakers I have ever seen. She is peppy, keeps attention, lots of small groups, and is action oriented.”

“Energetic and well organized. Very good speaker.”

Kimberly Peterson, Program Coordinator, Parent Child Preschools Organization, From the Parent Child Preschool Organization conferences and professional development trainings:

​”Megan Barella has been a wonderful resource for our preschool community. We’ve had the pleasure of a few speaking engagements with Megan the last few years and both have been incredibly valuable to our school culture.

One experience that comes to mind was during a dialogue with our parents where we covered strategies for behavior. There was a segment of the interactive presentation where we had the benefit of discussing Adverse Childhood Experiences, Toxic Stress and Trauma Informed Care as it related to being aware of our own childhood experiences and how that has impacted our own parenting experiences. I found this to be an incredibly valuable dialogue, as many parents do not have first-hand knowledge of ACEs and their impact on our own coping skills.

I felt this truly resonated with our community as a reinforcement to practice self-care and what that looks like as a parent. I deeply appreciated Megan’s excitement to engage in this topic, normalize these experiences, and share compassion and personal reflection while facilitating that presentation.”

~ Rebecca Binford, Parent and Board President

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Megan Barella! The minute you meet her you can tell that you are going to have a wonderful experience with her. She exudes warmth and positivity!

I have been a PCPO parent for two years and have been on the school board both years. I attended a seminar with Megan Barella at our annual conference and I was so impressed that I immediately enlisted her to speak at our next parent meeting. All of the parents and our teacher loved the experience with Megan so much that we booked her again for two more speaking engagements this year.

Megan is such a joy to work with! And she even got me in contact with some other amazing speakers for future parent meetings. I simply cannot say enough great things about the experience that I have had working with her!

~ Jenni Walden, Parent and Preschool Board Member