Dear Parents,

One of the questions I’m asked most frequently is:

“How do I get on the same page in parenting
as my partner or co-parent?” 

This goal of getting on the same page in parenting is also one of the top reasons parents enroll in Happy Home Coaching.

Sadly, arguing over parenting practices is a leading cause of marital dissatisfaction and one of the top reasons partners and co-parents disagree.

I hope these tips are supportive to help you get on the same page as your spouse/co-parent.


💫Tips to Get on the Same Page as Parents💫



Focus on Shared Values: See the other person’s strengths and grow the Positive


Even if your parenting strategies are different, you probably have the same parenting values and goals. You truly do want the same thing for your children!! Focus on your shared values, whenever possible.

See the positive in one another, and build upon one another’s complementary strengths. Become a team again.

Set down your ego, and remember your children need the strengths that come from each of you.



Model What You Seek: Positive Change comes from the heart and lived experience, not criticism


All positive change comes from the heart first – not from the mind. Creating positive change usually does not come from criticizing someone, trying to talk them into something or even using “logic.” In fact, these strategies often have the opposite effect.

{Although some people are really motivated to change through the “facts” and sharing parenting research articles can sometimes be helpful.}

If you want to get the other parent on board with your parenting style, modeling effective positive parenting practices – without saying anything – is often the best way.



Let Go of Right and Wrong, and Become Kind & Firm


Move beyond what you think is right or wrong that the other person is doing/not doing , and into Kindness and Firmness as parents, as Positive Discipline teaches.


Children need both love and respect modeled and upheld for them.


Let’s help each of you develop your uniquely-you assertive parenting presence.


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💫Tips to Get on the Same Page as Parents💫

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And keep the faith: it is possible to come into balance in your parenting styles.


Getting on the Same Page in Parenting



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