Dear  MeganParenting is a journey – that is for sure.And as we begin this year,I’m celebrating you and your positive parenting journey.Wherever you are in this moment, take a moment to:✨ give yourself a hug,✨  love on yourself for simply being you,✨ and celebrate the unique healing you bring to your family, community and our world.

More and more I realize that parenting is all about healing. Yes, we have to show up in all the physical, daily life ways – meals, laundry, school, activities, bedtime – rinse and repeat.Yet, the magic is in the HOW…✨ HOW we show,✨ HOW we’re healing negative aspects of our own childhood,✨ HOW we’re loving ourselves through our parenting mistakes/messups, flipped lid moments, and stress.

This New Year, please take a moment to LOVE on YOURSELF: your journey, you human-ness, and the healing potential within the stress.
 And remember, we’re supporting you every step of the way.

Kick off 2023 with your happy home.

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