The strength of Happy Home as a community and movement is the phenomenal parents who have gone through Happy Home Coaching.Like Sylvia Dobgima:  mom of three, nurse, champion for women, loss and grief expert, mental health advocate, and #1 Amazon best seller.  Sylvia went through the Happy Home Mastermind during the pandemic, and invited me into her community to talk about Creating a Happy Home.


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In this interview, Sylvia and I talk about:

✨ Connection = CooperationHow when our children feel Connected to us – and we feel connected to our best and highest selves as parents – Cooperation happens most naturally. Stress and unmet basic needs are at the root of our behavior challenges, and “mis”behavior does not equal character.✨ Acceptance to our Our Childhood ExperiencesIn addition to present-day stress and unmet basic needs, our challenging and unresolved experiences with our own parents and caregivers, are a #1 obstacle to our children’s positive behavior. Finding that inner peace, acceptance and closure to the impact of our parents’ wrong doing is key to creating your happy home. You don’t necessarily have to forgive your parents, but it is our greatest calling to forgive ourselves for what we experienced as children.✨ CommunityCommunity is EVERYTHING in creating your happy home. We were never meant to parent in isolation. We need one another as parents of the next generation. In this part of the interview, I also made an off-handed comment about how I build community. Sylvia shared her experience of community-building as a Black mom living in the mid-West. Cultural competency is essential in our community, and accountability for white practitioners. Here is a referral list of Conscious Parenting Experts who are also people of color.   ✨ LeadershipOur children have a basic human need for us to lead them, and for us to parent from our place of strengths, gifts and wisdom. I work with a lot of coaches who are amazing community leaders – and who often have strong-willed children. I also help my clients access and apply their professional strengths to their home lives and family. Let’s help you get in your place of positive and proactive leadership in your family.

I hope you enjoy this Creating a Happy Home interview with Sylvia Dobgima, Happy Home mom of three!


Watch Creating a Happy Home



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