💜 Celebrations & Circumstances 💜

Dear Friends,

Don’t let your life circumstances and stress overshadowyour gifts in parenting, and in life.

✨ Something I see parents working with a lot is we start to overly- personalize our circumstances:the stress, challenges, and other negative things in life that are beyond our control.✨ We start to over-identify with our negative life circumstances– and then our stress and challenges start to diminish our life strength, our gifts and our wisdom.It’s the saddest thing!!

In my Happy Home Coaching Programs, we celebrate your successes, strengths and gifts – and those beautiful, fun, playful moments with your children.

💜 We celebrate what you’re already doing that is WORKING to GROW more of your own POSITIVE in your life.💜 We also honor the real life CHALLENGES that you’re facing as a parent: those stressors, behavior challenges, and how you’re changing negative cycles you inherited from your own family.💜 When you separate out your celebrations from your circumstances – you honor that you can be AMAZING and also experience hard times.Because your circumstantial challenges don’t make you a bad person or parent – promise!!Your challenges simply make you human.We don’t want your stress to overtake your strengths.

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