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Redefining Respect Dear Friends,

We’ve been having the most transformative conversation about Redefining Respect in our families – Join the convo!

✨ The conversation started with this post. Many of the leaders in our Parenting for the Next Generation community shared their wisdom on this thread. ✨ Watch the Talking about Disrespect video here.Here’s what we cover:1. Let’s redefine and reclaim respect for your family.2. We cover a couple top obstacles that I see in supporting parents around cultivating respectful behavior in our children. 3. Then we wrap up with a few practical Happy Home tools to teach, model and hold the boundary for mutual respect.It’s important to honor that respect is individualized and complex. Respect in children is culturally-specific. So if you align with Conscious Parenting, and want to connect with an educator who shares your family’s lived experiences, reply “referral list” to this email and I’ll send over my referral list of Conscious Parenting educators and coaches. Lastly, you are the expert on respect in your family, not me. Follow your intuition and family and cultural values, as you redefine and reclaim respect in your family.

Watch Talking about Disrespect
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