I love this time of year for the power of reflections and the promise of new beginnings.


While summer is my favorite time of year, Sagitarius season is second.


✨ It’s a time of year we can:

🔹 take stock of our lives,

🔹 tend to our own hearts,

🔹 rest and rejuvenate,

🔹 create more peace and goodwill in our families to wrap up the year. ✨


💫 So, every year in December to celebrate another year in the life of parenting challenges, joys, and growth, I offer the Happy Home Self-Paced Program at 50% off. 💫


Happy Home Self-Paced is for you if you would like to…


💎 Wrap up 2023 with unconditional love and inherent goodness in your family.


💎 Bring in 2024 with more Connection + Cooperation with your children.


💎 Step into your Confident + Compassionate leadership as a parent.


💎 Give your children the greatest gifts on Earth: parents who are supported, secure in ourselves, more present to enjoy our children’s childhood, and raise a generation of secure and socially-conscious young people.


As we wrap up this year, I hope you’ll join me in holding the vision for your Happy Home! 💝


✨ Click here to purchase Happy Home Self-Paced for $247.50 (Regular price: $495) by entering coupon code Celebrate50% through December 15th only. ✨


What is The Happy Home Self-Paced Program?


The Happy Home Self-Paced Program is a lifetime positive parenting foundations program consisting of 8-modules with short, effective videos and a guide for each module.


The Happy Home Self-Paced Program is the basis for all Happy Home coaching programs, and is also available in this DIY version.


Based on Positive Discipline, Conscious Discipline, Interpersonal Neurobiology (the brain science of human relationships), and Mindfulness, this program is comprehensive, practical and life-changing.


You will learn the 4 pillars of your Happy Home dedicated to transforming behavior challenges into Connection + Cooperation by helping you become a Confident + Compassionate leader in your family.


Click here to purchase the Happy Home Self-Paced Program at 50% off.

Regular Cost:

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Bonus for the first 10 families who purchase:

A 30-minute Happy Home coaching session with Megan.


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What does the Happy Home Self-Paced Program cover?


Here is what we cover in the Happy Home Self-Paced Program:



Enjoy the Happy Home Self-Paced Program annual 50% off sale! 🎉🎉


💝 The best gift on earth for our children is a happy home.


💝 A peaceful home begins with peaceful minds and hearts as parents.


💝 The quality of our parenting is dependent upon the quality of support we receive as parents.







p.s. The BONUS 30-minute coaching sessions are available for the first 10 families who purchase ONLY! As we wrap up 2023, let’s wrap up your Happy Home with Celebrate50% available only through 12/15.


p.s.s. Yes, you can purchase Happy Home Self-Paced as a gift to your loved ones! Peace on earth  begins at home.