⭐You may have heard to: “put our oxygen mask on first as parents.”⭐✈️

Yet, why is it so hard to do❓🤔

⚜️ Parents today are operating at a high level, functioning in a society that doesn’t support families, and doing huge inter-generational healing work, all in this quasi-post-pandemic reality.

💠 No wonder parents today are burnt-out, stressed out, overwhelmed, exhausted and depleted… We are constantly having to override our basic needs and emotional realities on a daily basis.

⚜️ And for those of us who grew up in homes where our basic needs weren’t met and we weren’t allowed to express our emotions, it creates a cycle where it feels unsafe to even have needs and feelings.

💠 If we don’t have this felt safety, we won’t be able to put our oxygen masks on first – because it truly doesn’t feel safe to take care of ourselves and have feelings.

⚜️ The first thing we do together in Happy Home Coaching is create felt safety for yourself, so you can stabilize your basic needs and give yourself permission to feel your emotions. From this place, you can easily access all the positive parenting tools.

💠  You’re already functioning at such a high level! Your capability is not the question.

Rather, it’s a matter of…

💎 Attuning to yourself.

💎 Connecting with your highest and best self, so you can feel safe and secure in meeting your basic needs and giving yourself permission to feel.

💎 Then, you can feel confident (and even joyful) in putting your oxygen mask on first – AND being there with PRESENCE to help your children navigate the ups and downs of life.

✨Happy Home Coaching is here to help you soothe your stress levels and create safety for your feelings and needs – so you can be the amazing (not perfect) parent you’re here to be.✨

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Watch the Feelings and Needs video here.
View the infographic here.

Have a beautiful start to your week rooted in creating emotional safety for your feelings and needs.



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