Dear  Parents,

When I notice a theme with the Happy Home parents I’m working with in positive parenting coaching, I want to share it with you all.

This parenting theme from Jungian psychology has been crystal clear – and coming up a lot – lately….

 “What we resists not only persists, but will grow in size.”



Watch he What we Resists, Persists Video Here



Is there behavior in your children
that you are sssssooo sick of as a parent?

Maybe it’s behavior that you don’t want to deal with you, so you’re ignoring it?

Or maybe you’re so done with the behavior, you’ve been trying to shut it down?

Either response – of ignoring or trying to shut it down – often results in enabling and “growing” the response you are trying to stop.

So, what can we do instead?

 Identify and Meet the Underlying Needs: Usually the underlying needs involve connection, learning how to express high emotions, or learning life skills. Can you identify the unmet need under your child’s “annoying” behavior?

Channel the Behavior into Positive Outlet: It sounds counter-intuitive, but there is an empowering way to direct the behavior into a calm and connected moment, and use play as a vehicle for discipline aka teaching.

Problem Solve and Brainstorm Solutions: Again in a calm and connected moment, work with your kids to generate ideas and find a mutually-agreeable plan.


Want to learn more?
Watch the video What We Resist, Persists video here.
Have a beautiful start to your week!




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