Dear Friends,There is a trend in almost every family I work with, including in my own parenting …

That at least one of the parents could benefit from being a little more

And it’s usually the mom.

Why ☑️ Most of the moms I work with are juggling high performing careers WITH carrying the majority of the silent mental load of parenting.Of course, sometimes the dads are too.Yet, I see it the most in moms.☑️¬†For both single moms and coupled moms,the type A demands on the logical brain are wayyyyy too much.¬†Believe me, I know it myself.I’m constantly reminding myself and other parents that stress is always the problem.¬†🎯¬†This stress and the myth of the “super mom:”¬†¬†🦸◾ of having to do it all,◾ on our own,and◾ no one – else – can – do it – like we can – do itmay translate into…😡 Being controlling, or getting frustrated/irritated/angry with our kids.🤯¬†Lacking presence/patience because all the stress literally makes us feel like we want to explode.😢¬†Honestly not enjoying being a parent and simultaneously feeling like we’re missing moments with our kids that we “should” be enjoying.Are you relating?If so, please know you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. You haven’t done anything wrong.Life’s pressures on parents, and especially moms, are absolutely unrealistic.

💙 You have an untapped well of wisdom within you:the Gift of CHILL.¬†💙

In my Happy Home coaching programs, we work together to tap into this positive potential within you to:✨¬†Enjoy your life amidst the stress.✨ Say no, do less and let go of unnecessary stress.✨Change your relationship to how you support yourself through your stress.✨ Come into the moment of your beautiful life and celebrate it.And we do this through the Gift of CHILL.

When you give yourself the gift of your own chill, you automatically share the gift of CHILL with your kids and you’re able to:💎Be more present and patient throughout more of the everyday moments of life, including transitions and when your kids need you the most.💎Enjoy the amazing people you’re raising.💎Affirm a secure attachment and co-regulate with your kids (Modeling healthy emotional expression and integration to develop their self-regulation).💎Cultivate strengths and affirm inner wisdom in the next generation.💎¬†Raise empathetic and empowered individuals.💎HAVE MORE FUN with your KIDS!!This season, let’s give your children the best gifts on Earth: a happy home and a CHILL parent.¬†💝

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