Enjoy the training below on Temperament in parenting from a Happy Home perspective.

When it comes to parenting, we either “get” our kids or we don’t.

But, it’s also not that easy or straightforward!!

There are so many factors and stressors at play every day, including how we’re healing our own childhood experiences.

What I do know for sure is if we want to “get” our children:

to truly understand who they are and how to provide an optimal environment for their thriving

… temperament is key.

It is a window into the soul of your family.

Defined as:

“our own personal style”

“the constellation of inborn traits”

Temperament describes the way we approach and interact with the world.

Our goal as parents is to provide “goodness of fit” for our children – and ourselves as well – which is the optimal environment for each person’s individual te thriving.
It illuminates individual needs in our families – as well as opportunities for healing, growth, and balance.
Enjoy today’s training!

✨Here’s what we cover:
  • Introduction and taking the assessment here. (0:00 – 2:34)
  • The 9 Temperament Traits (2:35 – 8:00)
  • Goodness of Fit: The Power and Responsibility of Caregiving for our Kids and for our Inner Child (8:28 – 14:37)
  • Real Life Dynamics and Goodness of Fit Examples (14:38 – 17:57)
  • The Unique Way I Work to Support Families when Traits are Shared and When They’re Opposite (17:58 – 23:31)
  • Temperament Blueprint Sessions: Would you like an in-depth deep dive into dynamics between you and your child? Take the temperament assessment, then meet with Megan for 30 minutes ($125) or 1 hour ($249) , and receive a 1-page Blueprint with the top tips and focus areas for you and your children, as well as the big picture life lessons, and opportunities for healing and growth through goodness of fit. (23:32 – 28:51)

May we create a world where we each have the optimal support we need to thrive – both for our children and for ourselves!

p.s. There are only 5 Temperament Blueprint Packages available!

Take the temperament assessment, then meet with Megan for a 1-hour ($249) or 30-minute session ($125) for practical application of tips and tools and opportunities for healing, connection and empowerment in your family. Includes a 1-page individualized temperament blueprint for your family. Reply “temperament” to learn more or click the session links above to register. Enjoy this special that is usually only a part of the Happy Home Coaching experience!