How do we stay calm when our kids are upset?

The reality is that most parents struggle to support their children’s emotions – either all the time – or during times of high stress.

I know I did when my son was younger.

It’s something I worked on for years, and I still do.

“Staying calm when my kids are upset,” is one of the top challenges the 1,700+ parents have shared when they join our community.

Supporting our children’s high emotions – from emotional dysregulation, crying, and aggression – is not easy.

But, why is it so hard to stay calm when our kids are upset?

Understanding the biological significance of emotions is key:

  1. Emotions are the safeguards of our lives. Children in a “flipped lid” state can cause parents to “flip our lid.” In this state, our survival brain – and the fight, flight, freeze, fawn response – is activated causing us to yell or shut down before our logical brain can chime in to remind us that we actually are safe.
  1. Most of us did not grow up in homes with healthy emotional development. We were either ignored, punished, or yelled at when we expressed emotions, like anger and sadness as children. Our parents didn’t know how to support our emotions, so we never learned how to “Be With” our own emotions and then support our children in their heightened emotional states.
  1. Parenting today is stressful. And high stress is going to equal high emotions.

In this free training, we share the specific strategies and approaches from Happy Home that are so effective in creating a foundation of healthy emotional development in your family, so you can support yourself to stay calm when your kids are upset:

#1) Stabilize high emotions by meeting basic needs.

#2) Being with our children – and ourselves – to support high stress and high emotions.

#3) Learning the tools that are going to work best for your family to positively express and integrate high emotions in safe, healthy, and positive ways – which is what you gain access to in Happy Home Coaching.

Let’s help you support your children’s emotions – and your own – to create a foundation of healthy emotional development: one of the greatest positive legacies you can gift your children. ❤️

This is the we do together in Happy Home Coaching.

Take it from Happy Home parents…

Like Julia:I learned how to manage my own emotions when my son was struggling, the best ways to support him and help him get back to being calm, and Megan helped me and my husband be on the same page. I still use her tactics and ideas every day with both of my kids and our home life is much calmer and happier. Thank you for all your help and support, Megan! It was worth every penny!”

Like Danielle: “I experienced a decrease in my own flipped lid moments and an increase in my ability to be with my kids in their highest of emotional states. But truthfully the impact I love the most is how many peaceful, connected moments we now get to have as a family.”

Like Elizabeth: “Within a matter of weeks, our daughter’s behavior improved significantly. Meltdowns decreased, and when we did have them, they were only a fraction of the intensity. Communication between us – and cooperation ;) – went from a “2” to a “9” or “10.” I got a much deeper understanding of what was ACTUALLY going on with our kid, so we could address the REAL issues. And – of course – everything that Megan teaches is a much-needed upgrade over the old, outdated, and unworkable parenting rules of the 70’s and 80’s that we had been raised under.”

If you’re ready to build a foundation of healthy emotional development in your family, so you CAN stay calm when your kids are upset, here’s how to get started:

FREE training.

Calm the Storm Masterclass ($75)

Explore Happy Home Coaching for your family.

Learning and supporting healthy emotional expression and integration in your family:

* supports your children’s emotional well-being today,

* brings closure to your childhood experiences,


* creates the gift of a positive emotional legacy for the next generations!

You got this.