Dear Friends,One of the #1 goals of Happy Home Coaching Programs is to right your natural strengths and gifts as a parent and a person. I was so inspired after the Happy Home Week Day 3 Confidence training (watch the replay here) that I recorded this BONUS training, we where we cover:✨ Celebrating your strengths. Seeing them in action to grow them.✨How strengths under stress look like challenges or flaws. They aren’t! Remember: the gold of strength is simply stressed out in that moment, and showing up like a misbehaving child.✨ Learning how to give your strengths back to yourself. You are here to enjoy the beauty, splendor, wisdom and joy of yourself. For more Happy Home tips and tools to cultivate your strengths as a parent, be sure to check out the Happy Home Week replays in Parenting for the Next Generation: available through this Friday, September 30th only.Celebrating you and supporting you on your parenting journey, always. 

Watch Strengths in Parenting

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