Have you heard this quote on parenting?

For many of us, this is our first and foundational goal as parents: Do no harm.

That doesn’t mean we’re perfect parents.

We can let of that expectation and pressure.

Neuroscience says we most definitely don’t have to be perfect parents.

Namely, because it’s IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to ever be a perfect parent.

The very nature of parenting (and life) is imperfections.

There’s no perfect parents because there’s no perfect life.

Life is learning every step of the way – and we have to be willing to embrace the purpose of learning as mistakes to keep growing alongside our children.

So, our goal – instead of perfection – is simply to be “good enough” and responsiveness is a big part of that. 

As this great article on Raising Resilient Children through Good Enough Parenting says:

“A good-enough parent is better than one who pretends to be perfect. Your imperfections model the real world. It is how you use your imperfections that determines the quality of your parenting. Using the misunderstandings, conflicts, and points of tension in the relationship as the focus of resolution builds positive outcomes. Mismatches are a plus when resolved.”

When you embrace your humanity – both your strengths and your mistakes – you are a “good enough” parent. You are the human your children need you to be.

So this week….

* How can you love yourself and your imperfections, finding the gift in embracing your wholeness?

* How can live your life as a learning journey?

* How can you leverage misunderstanding, conflicts, mistakes, misbehavior, and points of tension in your family relationships to grow, evolve, develop solutions, and build positive outcomes?

And if you feel like you need help in letting go of parenting perfectionism and guilt, embracing a “life as learning” approach, and becoming the “good enough” parent you’re here to be, then let’s talk more.

We’re supporting you every step of the way on your “good enough” parenting journey.