Welcome to the new year, and planning our family lives for 2024!

For most of us, we’re thankful to say goodbye to 2023.

2023 brought continued grief, stress, and violence…

Across the globe, our human family continues to hurt one another and fund wars funded by U.S. foreign policy.

In the U.S., racial and social injustices and inequities, inflation, houselessness, the opiod epidemic, interpersonal violence, crisis in our educational and medical systems, high suicide rates, and the mental health pandemic seemed to have remained consistent or increased since pre-pandemic.

In 2023, in many of our own families and inside our own hearts, we experienced hardship, trials and tribulations compounded by the lingering stress from the pandemic and societal ills.

And hopefully, 2023 brought many beautiful, fun and connected moments as well for you and your family.

Check out my 2023 fav memories recap here.

As parents of the next generation, where do we go from here for our family lives in 2024?

✨ How do we come together as parents of the next generation to set and realize goals that help build a healthy and happy foundation for our children?

✨How do we also build the world we DO want for our children, beginning in our own homes and schools – so our children become agents of positive social change in their communities?

✨ How do we take care our ourselves, so we can be there for our children, our communities, and our work in the world?

Welcome to the complimentary Envisioning 2024:

Dedicated to creating time and space to planning our family lives for 2024.

I hope you and your friends

will join us for...

Envisioning 2024:

A complimentary Happy Home positive parenting experience to plan and set your intentions for your family this year - and go home with simple communication tools that affirm the brain science of human relationship.

Here's what we'll cover in Envisioning 2024:

Welcome & Intro

2023 Highlights + Lessons Process for your Family Life

Cumulative Growth + 2024 Intentions

Happy Home Tools + Focus Areas

And always, you'll have the support of our compassionate and empowering positive parenting community! ❤️

Join us for planning our family lives in 2024.

Sending blessings to you and your family for 2024 and beyond.