Spirited Children – who are both strong-willed and highly sensitive – play an important role in helping us all shift out of fear-based discipline practices. 


Wondering if you have a Spirited Child?


Read these 7 Signs of a Spirited Child and then click reply and let me know which ones you relate to. I’ll be happy to send you my Guide to Parenting Spirited Children. 


 7 Signs of a Spirited Child 

#1) Your child is both more SENSITIVE + STRONG-WILLED than other children. 
“Power struggle” may be their middle name. Or at the very least, you never know when the next battle of wills is going down in your living room.

On the flip side, your child might be extra sensitive to routines, lack of sleep, being hungry, or having to go to the bathroom – and the emotions of others.

#2) Your child is highly intelligent, but struggles with self-regulation.
Maybe your child has an “engineer” brain, yet has a short fuse and goes from zero to 100  at the drop of a hat?

#3) Your child is deep. Does your child have a profound understanding of life, and “get things” that other kids would never notice or say?

#4) Your child is power tripping. Is your child confused: do they think they are the parent, not you? Or maybe your child fights you every.single.step of the way for power and control?

#5) Choices don’t work for your child. Giving choices work for every child, right? But, not your kiddo. They come up with choice #3 – or #4 because they have to have everything their way.

#6) Your child gets physical. Maybe it’s hurting their siblings, you or themselves – your child is prone to violence when they’re upset. And sometimes they get out of control, and it can get scary.

#7) You seriously worry about what your child will be like when they’re a teenager. Do you find yourself thinking, if my child is like this now what are they going to be like when they’re a teenager??If you have inherited negative cycles in your family – and/or developed coping mechanisms in response to negative experiences you had in childhood – you can always change these patterns. There is always hope.

Which of the “7 Signs of a Spirited Child” do you relate to?


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