There’s a stillness in the air on Sunday mornings.

A time to go within and simultaneously a time to connect with the wholeness and oneness of life itself.

Sunday mornings have always been a holy, sweet, contemplative time for me.

An auspicious tone that sets the foundation for the rest of the week.

I often write – or have this {sunday message} go out on Sunday mornings.

The last couple of Sunday mornings, I’ve written a special post over here on my personal FB page.


Here’s this week’s {sunday message}:

Years ago, I was at a conference.

We were sharing life goals.

Mine were “peace and acceptance.”

I felt a little judged.

Like I was some kind of love-n-light hippy girl.

Then I shared more of my life story.

I felt the judgment roll away.

It clicked.

That finding our peace and acceptance isn’t surface at all.

It’s some of the deepest, hardest, most heart-wrenching work we can ever do.

That we have to be willing to break  and part with what doesn’t serve us in order to become our inherent wholeness.

All while paying our bills, raising our kids, and doing our work in the world.

It’s a marathon, a meandering lifetime journey that ebbs and flows.


I want you to know that…

I support you – and the often unseen work you’re doing everyday – facing shadows from your own past and childhood.

So the pain doesn’t get passed on to your own children.

And I always hold your vision for peace and acceptance.

Let’s be here for one another.

Because life isn’t easy.

But, there’s beauty and wholeness waiting for us too.


Have a beautiful start to your week.

Sending lots of love and support.