There is ONE thing my clients, parents in the Happy Home Coaching community, always say they hear my voice saying in their head:

“Lower Expectations”
What does that mean?

Lowering expectations is NOT:

▪️ pushing through,

▪️ getting into power struggles,

▪️ giving into your children,

▪️ giving up,

▪️ or letting your kids over-power you.

Lowering expectations is:

💜 honoring today’s high stress of parenting and being a kid,

💜 being responsive to what is,

💜 connecting with your emotional intelligence,

💜 tuning into your basic needs and your child’s basic needs,

💜 prioritizing the positive relationship with yourself and your kids.


When you lower expectations as a parent you are actively: 

💫 Developing a plan for high stress times, so you can focus on staying calm and maintaining emotional safety in your family.

💫 Developing another plan for the calm and connected moment to circle back around to do the teaching, guiding, discipline and problem solving when the high emotions and stress have passes.


What is one time of day or parenting interaction in your family that could benefit from LOWERING EXPECTATION? 

Reply to this email and let me know.


Sending lots of love and support to you and your family.






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