Dear Parents,
Pre-covid, I used to offer in-person parenting classes and playgroups for parents and children birth to age 5.
About 7 years ago after a class, I was chatting with one of the youth librarians and she said:
“Humans peak at age 3.”
I laughed so hard and totally agreed.
Her words have always been with me ever since.
Here’s what I love about early childhood, and especially the stage of 18 months to age 3:
✨ Young children don’t have negative intent.
They are never “out to get someone.” They may respond, but they don’t consciously retaliate or seek revenge.
✨ They live entirely in the present moment and see humanity as we truly are: one human family.
✨ Young children are right-brain dominant. Their entire world encompasses the best parts of humanity:
🔹 relationships,
🔹 movement and dance,
🔹 art and music,
🔹 play,
🔹 and Oneness with all life.
Since 2019, the Cedar Mill and Bethany Community Libraries have hosted my Toddler Talk workshop for parents.
You can catch this year’s Toddler Talk virtual workshop replay here.
Please share with the parents of little ones in your life!
Here’s what we cover in the workshop:
✨ Top Toddler Behavior Challenges: An overview of the top developmentally appropriate, yet still challenging toddler behaviors.
3 Brain Science Basic for Toddler Development: Understand your toddler’s world of co-regulation, right-brained dominance, and individuation.
4 Positive Parenting Tools: Learn my favorite simple and effective positive parenting tools to bring more ease, calm and listening to your family, while positively growing your toddler’s brain.
💜 If you feel like you’re on the right path with your little one, Toddler Talk will enhance your parenting journey.
💜 If you feel lost as the parent of a toddler, Toddler Talk will help affirm and guide you back on track to thriving.
Either way, sending lots of love and support to you and your toddler.


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p.s. Would you like individualized support with your toddler? Please schedule your complimentary Toddler Talk Chat here with me today. Let’s get your family to a place of thriving. 💜