Enjoy these Keys to a Happy Home in 2024: reminders to keep close to your heart all year long.

Working with thousands of parents and educators over the last 12 years has taught me so much.

Working with all of you has taught me more than any training or degree.

As we begin another year in our family life, I don’t recommend New Year’s Resolutions that may set you up for more parenting guilt and shame.

Rather, let’s anchor into what matters most in our parenting lives to create a home environment that is realistically conducive to learning, growth, teamwork, empathy, empowerment, and FUN in our families.

Enjoy these Keys to a Happy Home in 2024: reminders to support the actualization of your parenting goals, visions, and intentions this year – and beyond.

Keys to a Happy Home in 2024

Parenting reminders to keep close to your heart this year and beyond.

#1 Stress is always the problem, not you and your children.

#2 All the parenting wisdom in the world is already within you: it's a simple and complex matter of unlocking it.

#3 There's a golden thread of inherent and universal goodness weaving through you and your children that goes beyond "good" and "bad" behavior.

#4 A great leader brings out the leadership in others: my role is to bring out your leadership as a parent, so you bring out the leadership in your children.

#5 Connection = Cooperation: Connection is a basic human need, so it will be physiologically impossible for our children to cooperate with us if they don't feel connected to us.

#6 Compassion is the key to your transformation. Cultivating empathy for your lived experiences is a prerequisite for positive change and transformation in your family.

#7 Discipline means "to teach," not to punish. Our role in disciplining our children is to teach them through our own modeling.

What Key to your Happy Home in 2024 speaks to you as a reminder to begin your parenting journey this year?

Reply to this email and let me know. Would love to hear!

Sending blessings to you and your family for 2024 and beyond.

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