Happy start to the winter holiday season to all who celebrate!

For those families who do celebrate…
Research is clear: the holidays can be a really stressful time for families and mothers experience twice as much reported stress as fathers.

I like to remind myself that:
Most of the world does not celebrate Christmas,
Those countries that do celebrate Christmas spend nowhere near the $936.3 billion that Americans spent on Christmas in 2022.

The month of December, there is A LOT of stress, pressure, commercialism and unnecessary noise negatively impacting families during “the most wonderful time of the year.”

Since 2014, I’ve been joyfully encouraging parents to stress less and have more simple JOY + MAGIC by:

  • Spending less.
  • Doing less.
  • Focusing on presence over presents.
  • Welcoming in simple moments of joy, magic, and fun with our families.
  • While also teaching our kids that not everyone celebrates

Every year, I offer a Holiday Magic workshop dedicated to stressing less – and having more simple FUN + MAGIC this season.


In the 30-minute Holiday Magic Virtual Workshop, we’ll help you entirely structure the next month to decrease stress and increase simple FUN + JOY by:

✨Streamline and simplify by setting your intentions for this holiday season.

✨Downloading your December to do list to free your mind of mental stress and clutter.

✨Focusing on what you LOVE to LET GO of the rest.

With the bonuses of…
Your Guide to Holiday Magic and a Craft Guide dedicated to:

* Connecting with loved ones this season.

* Celebrating the natural world – all the pine & pine cones, cranberries, all the lights – and nature-based and recycled crafting.

* Focusing on giving – more than receiving.

I love offering this Holiday Magic process to parents this time of year.

Let’s bring more simple FUN + JOY to your family this season – and focus on all you LOVE and LET GO of the rest.

Hope you can join us for the Holiday Magic Virtual Workshop – it’s just $33 and comes with TWO simple guides.





p.s. 1 in 5 parents believe that their holiday stress levels negatively impact their children.

If you celebrate the holiday season this month – and feel stressed out just thinking about it – Holiday Magic is designed for you!


The greatest gift on Earth for our kids is parents who are present.