Over in Parenting for the Next Generation, we are in the process of wrapping up our Happy Home Week: Fall 2023.


Birthed from the stress of the pandemic, it’s such an honor to share that this is the 3rd year of Happy Home Weeks.


Since 2021, thousands of parents and caregivers have gone through this complimentary community service program.


Want to experience some of the Happy Home Week – or – would you like a refresher?


Click the links below for a Happy Home Week Recap from our Day 5 Community Celebration of Resiliency.



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Enjoy a Recap Happy Home Week to build the framework for your happy home. ✨


Day 1 Cooperation:

In your Happy Home, Cooperation is the air we breathe. What does every parent want? To get “Cooperation Naturally” with your kids, so the children listen without you having to yell, threaten, bribe, punish or reward. In your Happy Home, Cooperation = Teamwork – and an increase in listening is an important by-product. 


Day 2 Connection:

In your Happy Home, Connection is the foundation for everything, and Connection = Cooperation. The power – and responsibility – of parenting is in co-regulation, and understanding the “sponge brain” of our children. Connection is when your everyday self is “super-glued” to your wisdom, strengths, and intuition as a parent. Yet, “ruptures in connection” will always be part of parenting experience. It’s easiest for your children to cooperate with you when you feel Connected to yourself, and when your children feel Connected to you.


Day 3 Confidence:

Confidence is the walls of your Happy Home.

Your kids need you to have Kindness and Firmness at the same time in your communication and boundary-setting. Ss a parent, you are embodying Love + Respect. In order to have “Cooperation as teamwork,” you must be in your proper leadership role of your family team. Because “a great leader brings out the leadership in others.” We get you in your proper leadership place, so you can bring out the leadership in your children. When you feel empowered as a parent, you naturally empower your children.


Day 4 Compassion:

Compassion is the key to your transformation in your Happy Home.

Self-judgment, self-criticism, as well as blame and shame as a parent, lock you into the very negative cycle you are trying to change with your children. When you can offer the type of high level empathetic support and concern for your parenting challenges that you would offer a dear friend, you access the limitless potential for learning and growth in your present parenting challenges through Compassion. 


Hope you enjoyed this Happy Home Week recap!



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