Dear Parents,As we gear up for the Happy Home Week here beginning September 19th, we’ll be re-envisioning discipline into a positive.In fact, Discipline means to TEACH, not to punish.Most of us were raised with “discipline as punishment” – which also included a heavy dose of shame and blame.But, the root word of the word discipline actually means “to teach.”We are here to TEACH our children – so they LEARN positive behavior, values, virtues and life skills. ✨And…We do that through utilizing real-life behavior challenges as the vehicle to true teaching and learning in our families – and in our world. ✨✨ Let’s maximize the positive potential for true LEARNING and TEACHING in your family this Back to School season.✨ The Happy Home Week: the complimentary, live, positive parenting experience begins September 19th right here in Parenting for the Next Generation.The 5 days of complimentary, masterclass trainings dedicated to transforming “mis”behavior into Connection and Cooperation begins September 19th.Wishing your family the embodiment of the true essence of “discipline as teaching” this Back to School season – and beyond. See you there for the complimentary Happy Home Week!
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