I hear it in my clients’ voices and in my own mind’s doubt….


That we will never be good enough.


The parenting guilt that plagues us when we fall short or struggle as parents.


The shame we carry from childhood that is like slime: invasive and pervasive in our subconscious today, cropping up when we are most stressed and vulnerable.


Thinking we can punish or reward our kids into being good people, and feeling even more frustrated when it doesn’t work.


Let’s Detox Our Discipline.


Our kids need us to let go of the shame and blame, the unworthiness, the not-enoughness that we carry from our own childhoods.


We can change what we pass down to our children.


Let’s do this big work together.  


Because on the other side of shame & blame, you exist.


Whole and complete.


That is what your children need:

for you to return to that inner knowing and deep inner security in yourself.


Buried under decades of societal programming

that put you in a box of good or bad based on your behavior and life circumstances is….

your essence.


Your uniquely-you gifts, strengths, wisdom and intuition.


When we can’t change the stress, we can work to shed the layers of blame and shame that keep you locked in a box that no longer exists.


You are your own key.

To “shine bright like a diamond.”

Let’s get you there.





We’re doing big work together to detox ourselves and our discipline practices from shame and blame. It’s an ongoing journey.


Reply to this email and let me know your top concerns or challenges. I’d love to offer some support.



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Sending lots of love and support to you and your family this Back to School season and beyond.








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