Dear Parents,

It’s the weekend in summer! 

I hope it’s filled with Connection time for yourself and with your kids.

In your Happy Home,
Connection = Cooperation.



✨When your needs are met as a parent, and you’re getting time for yourself and/or feeling support….

✨ And your children feel connected with you…

✨ Plus, you’re learning how to lower expectations in flipped lid moments to focus on your own calm and felt emotional safety…. (Save disciplining for a calm and connected moment.)


Cooperation comes most naturally.


✨So, this weekend:
How can you schedule in some Connection time for yourself and/or your family?

✨ Or if your family is experiencing unmet basic needs and high stress levels, what does it look like to set responsive (lower) expectations for yourself and your children?



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It’s the perfect time of year to slow down (as possible), have more FUN, enjoy the moment, and CONNECT with your kids.


You got this CONNECTION in Summer 2023! 💛