Do you feel like your child “should” be able to do things on their own, whether it’s brushing their teeth or getting ready?


But, maybe it’s also a a challenge to actually get them to do these things independently.


And this is causing conflict, frustration, power struggles, or emotional dysregulation between you and your children.


Because you know they can do it!!


Yet, they don’t it!!


If you relate to this scenario, this 60-second video clip is for you… Or click the image below.


Your child may indeed have the physical ability to complete these tasks on their own at this age.


Yet, most children (especially 6 – 9 year olds) still do still need a parent’s positive, encouraging, and empowering physical presence to BE WITH them, while they are completing daily tasks and routines.


So, rather than getting frustrated that your child won’t do things on their own….


When possible, go with your child and be WITH them, while they are completing their daily tasks.


This is emotional and empowerment coaching, not parental enabling.


And it’s a huge part of kids having a secure attachment with their parents.


You might not always have the ability or bandwidth to offer this support and yet…


If bedtime and morning routines are full of power struggles or tears…


I give you permission to offer this encouraging, empowering “emotional coaching” support to your children that will save you time in the long run.


Because if we want to raise emotionally intelligent children…


Our modeling support is a huge part of what develops a  healthy emotional foundation for our children. 


Any questions on implementation?

Reply to this email and let me know!




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