Dear Parents,


Happy Mother’s Day! 💕💐
One of the best gifts we can give ourselves today, and every day, is unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves.
Enjoy this short Hand over Heart visualization. It’s one of the best gifts I’ve received as a mother.
✨Mother’s Day Reminders for Today: 
It’s ok to….
🌸 Ask for what you want/need for Mother’s Day.
🌸 Or to make it happen for yourself.
It’s ok to…
🌸 Want to spend the day alone.
🌸 Or to celebrate the day for your kids.
It’s ok to…
🌸 Feel sad if you lost your mother, have a dysfunctional mother or have lost children.
🌸 Not really enjoy this Hallmark holiday.
And if you have loved ones to shower you in their love, may you be open to receiving all the love and goodness in your life. 🎉
If there’s no one there to celebrate you, we are celebrating you – all that you are and all that you do. And we support you in celebrating yourself.
No matter your circumstances, we are thankful for you and celebrating you every day – and especially this weekend. 💕
Happy Mother’s Day, and be good to yourself today and everyday! 💖