In this part of the world, most of our students are in some phase of preparing for/already Back to School.


What’s important about this Back to School is to situate this Fall season where we are in the collective:


#1) Two years ago, in Fall 2021, a National State of Emergency was declared on Child and Adolescent Mental Health. 

Since then, there haven’t been appropriate resources dedicated to supporting emotional well-being in families.

We don’t simply wave a magic wand, and snap young people out of a collective mental health crisis.

Our young people need and deserve ongoing emotional support.


#2) According to a U.S. News and World Report, 71% of students faced challenges at school last year. 


“These (challenges) included safety concerns (37%), academic challenges (26%), bullying (24%), ongoing social challenges related to the pandemic (24%) and mental health challenges (22%).”

If your child is struggling or experiencing challenges and apprehension about this school year, please know and remind them that they aren’t alone.



In this training, I share 3 ingredients for a successful and supportive Back to School season, and a Back to School prep activity to support your family. Enjoy!


Top 3 Ingredients for a Successful Back to School:


1️⃣ Positive Relationship:

Your kids feel connected to you and their teachers. When kids feel safe and supported by the adults in their lives, they can be successful.


2️⃣ Trade Punishments and Rewards for a Growth Mindset and Solutions: 

Can you let go of the need to punish, reward, threaten, bribe or have a consequence to “motivate” (force, coerce or manipulate) your kids into “good behavior?”


Instead, can you embody a growth mindset with all challenges in your family (including your own), so you can learn, grow and evolve as family members and generate solutions to real-life problems with your kids?


3️⃣ Positive Relationship + Solutions = Open Communication

When the relationship piece is in place and you know how to generate solutions to real-life challenges and mental health concerns, you have the foundation for open communication and dialogue with your kids – so every challenge becomes workable with a responsive plan.




If your family has concerns about challenges this school year or with emotional well-being and mental health, you’re not alone.


Reply to this email and let me know your top concerns or challenges. I’d love to offer some support.



💫 For more positive parenting tips and support for your family, join us for the upcoming Happy Home Week beginning September 11th to help you transform behavioral challenges into Connection + Cooperation. 💫


💫 To learn more about my Back to School support package to help with the transition OR to develop a plan to advocate for your children at school, reply to this email with “back to school support.” 💫


Sending lots of love and support to you and your family this Back to School season and beyond.