Calling all parents of tweens and teens!


Or if you want to get a jump start on preparing for this developmental stage.


This is such a dynamic age in human life – that sadly often gets a bad rap.


For many parents today, we want to show up differently for our tweens/teeens compared to how our parents raised us.


Enjoy this short training sharing the top challenges – and tips & tools for parents of young people ages 11 – 14.

Do you relate to the following?

If so, click here to watch the free training.

  • You’re falling into patterns of micro-managing or nagging. (17:10)
  •  You’re sick and tired of telling your kids the same thing over and over. (19:41)
  • You’re engaging in power struggles  because your tween/teen is NOT complying – and – they’re being defiant and disrespectful. (19:50)
  • You feel like they should know ___ by now.  (20:40 )
  • You wonder if you’re enabling entitled behavior. (21:42)
  • You don’t know how to motivate your young person. (23:10)

If you relate to the above,
then this is a time to:
1) Take extra good care of yourself, get community support,  and do your inner work as a parent.(24:30) Reach out here to get support this week on parenting your tween/teen.
2) Learn how to listen, get curious, problem solve, and invite cooperation – without telling your young person what to do. (27:50)


3) Lean back into TRUST of your person: the greatest gift you can ever give them! (32:15)


If you’d like to take the next step to learn the brain science of the adolescent brain and focus on mastering Adolescent Communication:


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Sending support to you and your tween/teens.





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