If you are a conscious parent, at one time or another, you’ve probably had that nagging feeling…


Am I messing up my kids?


I know I have – and still do – and I’m an “expert.”

{Remember: we are all human. If we were perfect, we would be robots. What we’re teaching our kids first and foremost is how to embrace their humanity.}


There is a sobering reality – especially for us parents of teens – where we are confronted with our “shortcomings” as a parent.

We see in our children’s actions where we could have “done better” or where we gave our children insecurities.

Coupled with all the social media perfect images of families we see and the surplus of internet parenting education putting additional pressure on us….


Our parenting lives can be laden with a heavy dose of guilt and shame.


Often, this is where I meet parents in Happy Home Coaching.


So, if you’re struggling as a parent and feeling like you’re messing up your kids, here’s what I remind my clients and myself:


1) You CARE about your kids. If you didn’t care about your kids, you wouldn’t even be worried that you’re messing them up. Try to focus on the LOVE and CARE you have in your hearts, instead of what you’re doing wrong all the time.


2) Anchor into what you DO want for your family. The mind has a natural negativity bias, which is a serious challenge when we’re experiencing parenting challenges because the negative compounds the negative. I teach parents how to translate negative challenges into what you DO want to experience. So, think about your home life currently, and ask yourself: “What feelings and experiences DO I want to experience in my life? What life skills, character traits, and positive behavior DO I want to teach my children?”


3) Understand the Life Themes: Chances are where you’re struggling as a parent is part of a greater theme of healing in your life. When we can help you embrace the theme, your relationship with your kids and their behavior becomes part of the larger theme of healing and growth in your life  – and you can lean back into TRUST in yourself, your kids, and the process.


#4) Embrace a Growth Mindset: Most of us were raised with the punishment/reward model of a fixed mindset: kids are either good/bad; “good” behavior is rewarded and “bad” behavior is punished; and who we are is set in stone from birth. This false dichotomy is based on the way lab rats’ brains work, not humans. In Happy Home, we accept that good people behave poorly when they’re stressed. And parenting mistakes and our kids’ misbehavior are a) inevitable as part of being human and b) agents for growth, learning, evolution and healing in our families. Our challenges are purposeful when we have access to the proper tools and support, and we’re willing to do the work to create positive change.  


I hope these tips have supported you in beginning to shed parenting guilt and shame and that nagging feeling that you’re messing up your kids!


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