More than 50% of the children whose parents enroll in Happy Home Coaching are neuro-diverse.

The focus in parenting support is often on what we SAY and DO as parents.

But, in Happy Home, we honor that before we can even begin creating a plan for your family with positive parenting tools, it’s equally important to lay the foundation within…

To ensure that your own brain and inner dialogue are orientated towards empathy and empowerment for yourself.

It’s all about your Growth Mindset in Parenting. 

Enjoy this 3 step process that lays the foundation for your Happy Home tools and success in your home:


1️⃣ GENTLY OBSERVE: Neutrally notice what’s going on in your life without judgment of good or bad, like you’re playing back a scene from a movie.


2️⃣ HONOR: As soon as we try to be neutral, usually negative (and often justified) negative thoughts and emotions arise. How can you hold space for your own legitimately “negative” responses to life?


3️⃣ COMPASSION: Next, offer yourself the same high-level empathetic support and concern that you’d offer a dear friend.


This Growth Mindset in Parenting Process is a foundational skill set we develop in Happy Home Coaching.  


What step of the process  feels most supportive to you currently?


Reply to this email and let me know. 💜


Sending lots of support, and the power of Gently Observing, Honoring the Negative, and Compassion to you on your parenting journey.