Dear Parents,

Summer is a phenomenal – and my favorite – time of year to work on chores in your family.

I looooove helping families with their chores plan.

Below are the steps I take in Happy Home Coaching to help parents implement a chores/contributions plan in families.

I hope it’s helpful! Reply to this email with any specific questions you may have. If you’d like to work with me to develop an individualized Contributions Plan for your family, click here to purchase.

The first step of your chores plan is to redefine and reconceptualize chores and their significance in your children’s development of a positive and empowered sense of self.

So let’s talk a moment to redefine chores in your family with 3 simple mindset shifts on the power and significance of chores.

🌟 Redefining Chores 🌟

1) Chores as Contributions:
“the part played by a person or thing in bringing about a result or helping something to advance.”
Many of us have a negative connotation of chores from our upbringing.
In Positive Discipline, chores are calledcontributions. 🌟
Each family member, beginning with toddlers, can play a part to help contribute to the advancement of the home. 💗🏩
If it feels more supportive, start calling chores contributions. Language matters.
2) Self Esteem Development:
After we reconceptualize the definition of chores, next is to fully understand their VALUE to the CHILD.
For decades, we thought praise developed self-esteem in children. But, recent brain science shows that is false.
Scientific research concludes that it is mastery of life skills that develop self-esteem in children, not praise.
🌟 Learning how to care for one’s home is part of mastering life skills, which is what develops self-esteem in your children. 🌟
Contributions are an essential part of a child’s empowerment and positive sense of self. 💗🏩
3) Quality Time:
Furthermore, for busy parents, we can think of contributions as part of quality time.
It’s not so much that kids are getting their chores done to be obedient.
But rather that it is enjoyable to master life skills, alongside our children.
Reconceptualizing chores as:
🔹 contributions,
🔹mastery of life skills as self-esteem building,
🔹 quality time as a family
are the foundational pieces to roll out your family’s contributions plan.
From there, we look at:
💫 ages and developmental stages of your children,
💫 temperament dynamics in your family,
💫 family values, views and expectations around household management (there is no right or wrong!)
Then we combine that with:
✨ what your children are already doing daily and weekly,
✨ bringing consistency to those contributions and set up a plan for successful implementation and proactive reminders,
✨ how you’re going to teach the contribution,
✨ what your kids can be doing next.
✅ And then we roll out the process of implementation.
✅ We keep it simple, doable and customized to your family’s needs, goals and realities.
✅ Yes, it is a bit more complicated rolling out of Contributions plan for teens, but it’s totally doable.
🧹 The Contributions process is something I LOVE supporting families with and is usually something I only share with my one-on-one clients. 🧹
☀️ Because summer is the best time to roll out a new or modified Contributions plan AND
contributions are so vital to raising empowered and functioning young people, I’m opening up 3 spots to help families with contributions this summer. 
🌟 $111 for a custom 45 minute Contributions Plan Session 🌟
Click here to purchase. You’ll go home with the framework to roll out a simple Contributions Plan in your family in a way that is doable, accessible and customized for your children. 🎯
It’s never too late to develop self-esteem in our children through Contributions.
Let’s seize the day around Contributions as mastery of life skills, self-esteem development, and quality time in your family. ❤️ 🎉
You got this.





P.S. One of the top questions I get about Contributions is the role of an allowance. Here is what Positive Discipline says and this is something we can build out in your Contributions Plan Session.