More than 50% of the children whose parents enroll in Happy Home Coaching are neuro-diverse.

My #1 goal is to find out what each parent and child need to be successful and happy from the inside out.

I hope you find these 2 tips for parents whose children have ADHD helpful.

While the tips are geared for parents of children with ADHD, the tips are helpful reminders for all children – and helpful reminders to offer ourselves as well.


✨ 2 Tips for Parents of Kids with ADHD ✨


1️⃣ BREAK THINGS DOWN INTO SMALLER STEPS: Be aware of how many – ssssoooo many – microsteps are in one action step.


For example:

“Clean your room.”

“Get ready for bed.”

“Do your homework.” There could be 10 or more micro-steps within that one action step.


One of the best ways to support our kids with ADHD is to break things down into smaller, manageable steps.


Otherwise, our kids can get OVERWHELMED and this overwhelm is usually at the root cause of power struggles or when our kids give up.



The second tip is to remember that your child is borrowing your brain to regulate their own brain.


So taking care of yourself as a parent – and accessing the support you need – is paramount.


You can also practice your communication delivery.


Practice keeping your communication short, simple, clear, focused, direct, calm, centered and positive – so it’s easiest for your child to understand you and be successful.


Does your child have ADHD? Reply to this email and share your top current challenge. Happy to offer some support!






p.s. Kids with ADHD have so many strengths and superpowers! I LOVE supporting their parents. Click here to schedule a complimentary session to get clear, actionable steps to support your child with ADHD. Don’t struggle alone any longer.