What is “Hold the Container?”

It’s a Happy Home way to look at secure attachment with our children. The brain science is clear….

Our children borrow our brains to grow and regulate their own brains.

Connection – or positive relationship with us – is a basic human need for our kids, like food, water, and shelter.

A big part of secure attachment – the foundation for our children’s mental health and emotional well-being – is us learning how to:

Be With our children to offer our positive emotional and physical presence to Hold the Container for the life skills, behavior, and characteristics we do want to model for and develop within them.

In your Happy Home, we work to HOLD the CONTAINER for our children. Watch the short video below to learn more.


✨ Would you like to learn more about the concept of Hold the Container and developing secure attachment with your children? ✨

Watch this YouTube Shorts Series:

Unmet Emotional Needs from Our Own Childhood

They Should Be Able to Do It

Hold the Container

p.s. It is never to late to develop secure attachment with ourselves, and with our children. The human brain can change throughout our lifetime through positive relationship.

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