Welcome to Week 3 in Happy Home focusing on the specific tools of Connection to support healthy emotional development and expression in our families.
This week, in Week 3: Connection The Practice, we’ll cover the topics of:
  • Temperament and Goodness of Fit,
  • Shark Music,
  • Brain Science of Mirror Neurons and Sponge Brain
  • Developing Regathering and Reconnection Tools and Plan for yourself

Welcome to Week 3 in Happy Home The Practice of Connection to support healthy emotional development in your family with The Temperament Tool and exploring Goodness of Fit, Shark Music as a way to understand our parenting triggers, some additional Brain Science of Attachment, and transforming Stress Response Tendencies into your Regathering and Reconnection tools.

As you strengthen your Connection to your Positive Intent as your way of life and emotional center, you’ll also honor those times of ruptures in connection and flipped lids as teachable moments for your own growth full of valuable information about your basic needs, stress levels and possibly negative patterns from your own childhood that you are healing in your happy home.

Please do watch the second Circle of Security video, Shark Music, to understand how your childhood experiences, and how your parents responded to your emotions, creates the background music for how you experience your children’s feelings today. In honoring your Shark Music, I really want you to understand that we ALL experience Shark Music to some degree that limits in our ability to “Be With” our children. In Happy Home, we’ll support you in your work to transform your Shark Music into your ability to first Be With yourself and then to Be With your children.

This week, we’ll also explore the brain science of mirror neurons and sponge brain to affirm the power and responsibility of parenting and caregiving in the context of neural plasticity. Scientific research on the brain affirms that we can always change transform negative emotional, thinking or behavior patterns into positive patterns through the power of neural plasticity that affirms the human brain can change throughout the lifespan.

Lastly, we’ll  support you to develop your Regathering and Reconnection plan. This plan  is designed to honor where your brain goes under stress – fight, flight, freeze or fawn – and to help you stay in your place of Connection express negative emotions in safe, positive and healthy ways . I look forward to doing this big work together in Week 3, which is truly creating the foundation of healthy emotional development in your family.

 Welcome to Happy Home Week 3: The Practice of Connection!