Strengths Assessment:

Take the VIA Strength Survey to learn your top strength.

(According to VIA, results are reliable, and generally repeatable over time with changes due to context, stress, etc and your top strengths may shuffle around a bit over time.)


The goal is your Happy Home is to help you apply your top Strength to your parenting challenges to:

1) embrace a strength-based approach to parenting ‘


2) anticipate the hurdles and areas for growth that may be connected to your Strength when you are stressed.


Please take the VIA Strength Assessment here to identify your top strength.


Parenting Practice:

Practice connecting with your top strength throughout daily moments of parenting/life, and when you are under stress. Can you give your strength back to yourself, so you feel most supported in high stress moments?


Self-Reflection Questions: Share below any of the following in the comments below:

1) Do you relate to your top strength in life – and in parenting – and how do you see your strength “in action” ?

2) How could you begin to give your top strength back to yourself throughout daily moments of life, and during times of high stress?

3) In your Happy Home, we look at our strengths under stress as becoming our challenges. When under stress, what do you notice about your strength?

For example:

  • Do you disconnect from your strength during times of stress?
  • Or when stressed does your top strength flip into the opposite, like Kindness becoming meanness?