Welcome to this video on Positive and Negative Intent in Parenting.
Positive Intent is like the sun. The sun is the center of our universe and the sustaining force and source of all life.
Positive Intent in your life is when you feel connected to your inner sun: that place of wisdom and truth, where you can access all your strengths. When you’re connected to your Positive Intent, you’re like the sun: a sustaining and life-giving force for your family, and you’re connected to your place of strength and wisdom throughout the daily moments of everyday life.
But the other reality in life are the storms of life or the Negative Intent – the stress, challenges, pain and misbehavior – that are part of the human experience. What happens is that we usually start off in a positive place with our children – and then the storms – the stress, the challenging behavior – roll in and hijack our positive moment and that connection with our Positive Intent.
  • As you go about your days and the first week of your Happy Home, simply notice  without judgement of good or bad when you feel most positive as a parent – and you have Positive Intent – you feel connected to your place of strength and wisdom as a parent.
  • And also gently observe when you feel most negative – when the storms of life – the stress and challenges take over – and you experience Negative Intent.
The second thing to remember and work with Positive and Negative is that:  even on a cloudy, stormy day, the sun is always shinning and always there with us, even if we don’t see it. The same goes for your strengths, even if you’re experiencing stress or challenges. You don’t necessarily see your strengths, but they are still there with you.
So this week, when you notice the storms, stress and challenges and “misbehavior” begin to take over your moment, see if you can connect with your inherent strengths and wisdom to support you through the challenges.
Because your strengths are always with you, even when the challenges of life are covering up your strengths!  Your connection to your strengths and wisdom – truly are the sun of your family.
We ALL experience stormy weather in life – all those challenges and stress that hijack our positivity and inner strengths. The key in your Happy Home is learning how to stay connected to “your sun” and Positive Intent, so you access your strengths to help you through the storms and challenges of your life.
Parenting Practice and Invitation to Share in the Comments Below:
1) Gently Observe: When do you feel most positive and most negative as a parent?
2) Is there a way you can begin to access your strengths, gifts and wisdom to help support you in more challenging moments of parenting and life?